take a bath, do not use towel s, pots and so

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4, do not bathe in the public bathroom: especially women who like swimming, should pay attention to hygiene and choose places with a good environment. In addition, when taking a bath, it is best to take a bath, do not use towels, pots and so on, so as to avoid cross-infection.

Check whether there are any other debris in the crushing chamber of the crusher (turn off the power supply first). When opening the interior of the crushing cavity, first clean the surrounding residual material, and then clean the remaining material on the hammerhead; because there is a lining board in the crushing cavity, the metal material will wear off the paint on the lining board when selecting the turning cutter, so it is also necessary to check whether there are impurities and paint on the inner wall of the crushing cavity; when cleaning, you need towels, brushes and other cleaning tools, wipe with 75% ethanol after cleaning, and then close the crushing cavity. The crushing chamber cleaning work is carried out before the start-up of the equipment to reduce the load when the equipment is started.

take a bath, do not use towel s, pots and so

Some people are used to using hot towels to wipe leather furniture, in fact, it is wrong, leather furniture is easy to deform or fade in case of high temperature. In fact, the general leather furniture care can be wiped with a soft cloth of clean water. If you stick a stubborn stain, dilute the neutral detergent with warm water, wipe it with a dry cloth and wipe it with leather care agent after being completely dry. It should be noted that furniture to avoid direct sunlight, timely cleaning stains, the longer it takes to completely clean the more difficult.

3. If the scalded area has blisters or the skin has been lifted, please gently wrap a layer of gauze in the affected area, be careful not to oppress the blisters or forcibly tear off the damaged skin, in addition, in order to avoid affecting wound treatment, do not decide to apply ointment without authorization. The right thing to do is to wrap the ice bag in a towel, stick it on the gauze to cool the wound, and take the child to the hospital immediately.

take a bath, do not use towel s, pots and so

Furthermore, the hanging capability of this toiletry bag is its defining feature. Gone are the days of balancing your products precariously on hotel bathroom counters or settling for wet bathroom floors. Equipped with a sturdy hook, it can be effortlessly hung on any towel rack, shower rod, or even the bathroom door, providing easy access to all your essentials. This not only keeps your toiletries within reach but also prevents spills and leaks, keeping your suitcase and belongings clean and dry.

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