the online class, apply a hot towel to your eyes,

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So after the child has finished the online class, apply a hot towel to your eyes, fill the cup with hot water, put your eyes near the mouth of the cup, or use a steam goggle to fumigate your eyes. All of the above methods can relieve eye pressure, but be sure to use them safely in case the child gets hurt.

Colorful cotton thread, exquisite and beautiful clothes, carpets with national characteristics. In the exhibition area of Aksu Textile Industry City (Development Zone), there are yarns, rough cloth (fabrics), socks and towels, clothing, high-end bed products, tapestries, product bags and other products, attracting customers at home and abroad to come to cooperate and negotiate.

⑥, cold compress can contract blood vessels and milk ducts and relieve the pain of milk blockage and mastitis, so mothers with milk blockage and mastitis should use a cold compress after breastfeeding and wrap it in clothes with cold towels or ice cubes. Apply it for 20 minutes and rest for 20 minutes, which can also slow down the flow rate of milk and reduce milk.

A large area of toilet is suitable for installation of ground heating, and almost all such toilets are dry and wet, leaving a large area in the dry area. at this time, the construction of the dry area is the same as that of the room, and the area of the coil is more, and the heat is also enough. the impact on waterproofing is not so great, and such bathrooms are sometimes installed in a combination of floor heating and towel rack radiator to increase the heat dissipation effect of the heating.

How to play: divide the children into two groups. When the children hear the sound of the drum, the first child in each group quickly runs to the towel, picks up a towel, runs to the container filled with water, covers his mouth and nose after soaking the towel, crawls on the floor mat, hits the small drum with a hammer when he reaches the finish line, and the next child starts the game.

Hotel swimming pool environment is super good, surrounded by green plants, divided into room temperature swimming pool and hot pool room temperature swimming pool larger, surrounded by comfortable recliners, recliners equipped with soft towels, you can sit and rest when you are tired of swimming.

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