grass of the scenic spot, enjoy coffee or takeout food,

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During the May Day period of 2020, Qujiangchi ruins Park, Hanyao ruins Park and Tang City Wall ruins Park developed a new tourism experience form of “takeout food picnic”. With the help of the online platform, tourists order takeout meals, sit on the grass of the scenic spot, enjoy coffee or takeout food, and taste the elegant demeanor of Qujiang literature and tourism in a new manner. According to statistics, during the May Day period, 1.2404 million tourists left footsteps in Qujiang New area, and Qujiang culture and tourism industry successfully “restarted.”

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For those craving a bit of nostalgia with their morning pastry, a vintage-style bagel shop in the heart of the zip code area is a must-visit. This cozy eatery features a retro decor that will transport you back in time, creating an ambiance that perfectly complements their old-fashioned recipes. Their notable selection includes everything from classic plain bagels to bialys, a traditional Jewish roll with a depression in the center instead of a hole. Accompanied by a cup of piping hot coffee, these bagels are sure to hit the spot.

For a casual day out, opt for a relaxed and laid-back vibe by pairing your baggy jeans with a basic white t-shirt. Tuck in the tee and roll up your jeans slightly for a more polished appearance while retaining that effortless feel. Complete the look with a pair of chunky sneakers or sleek ankle boots to add a touch of street-style edge. This combination is perfect for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends, exuding a cool and relaxed aura.

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Pairing your bagel with the perfect brew is an art form in itself. At this cozy Lake Forest caf茅, coffee enthusiasts will find themselves enthralled by the rich aroma and nuanced flavors. The skilled baristas pride themselves in serving up a perfect cup every time. From robust dark roasts to mellow pour-overs, there is a brew to suit every palate. For those preferring a lighter option, an array of aromatic teas are also available, each sip offering a refreshing break from the bustling world outside.

To complement these delectable bagels, many shops in Palm Springs also boast an impressive assortment of gourmet coffee options. From rich espresso-based beverages to refreshing iced coffees, you can find that perfect cup of joe to start your day alongside your bagel. Whether you prefer a classic black coffee or a flavorful latte, the local bagel shops have got you covered.

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