time; family members do not share towel s, often dry clothes

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30% alcohol is used for physical cooling, in addition to taking antipyretic drugs, 30% alcohol can also be used to wipe the bath with alcohol, physically cool, wet gauze or soft towels with alcohol, twist to semi-dry, wipe the forehead, neck, armpits on both sides and other parts, which can stimulate the skin vasodilation of patients with high fever and take away heat.

Finally, the editor once again reminds you that you should avoid swimming in public swimming pools, avoid using public bathing facilities, and avoid sharing towels with others to prevent infection. At the same time, try to avoid scratching and prevent yourself from being infected by vaccination.

After the teachers and students of the whole garden were safely evacuated to the outdoor safe area, the teachers of each class immediately counted the number of students, reported it to the commander-in-chief, made sure that no one was missing, and checked the situation of the children in this class, and let the children squat in the safe area with wet towels to placate their emotions in time.

To clean the refrigerator compartment, we can also spray this solution on the refrigerator compartment and wipe it with a towel or something softer, so we can clean up the stains.

Adults can touch and tease their children while bathing, and match the relevant language. They can also let children play with toys while washing, or give them a small towel to play with, so that they feel that bathing is very interesting and willing to cooperate with adult movements.

In the home part of “place”, the technical solution puts forward epidemic prevention supplies such as family reserve thermometers, masks and disinfectants; take the initiative to monitor the health of family members, and it is recommended to take the temperature in the morning and evening; open windows to ventilate, increase indoor ventilation, 2-3 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time; family members do not share towels, often dry clothes and quilts; do not visit, gather, eat together, and do not invite each other. Detailed requirements such as going to crowded public places, taking public transport or wearing masks when in close contact with other people.

8, curly hair does not use a comb at all, the curly place can be sorted out by hand after each time. After washing your hair, most people will dry it with a towel and blow it with a hair dryer until the hair is dried, but the wig cannot be like this, because it is tightly twisted together with the hair, so a lot of the scalp is directly exposed to the outside. if you blow directly with a hair dryer, it will be easy to damage the scalp, so you can only wipe it with a towel and wait for it to dry naturally.

Experience Guide: due to the particularity of the sweat steaming room experience room, you should enter the experience room after bathing and removing makeup, do not go in and out frequently in the process of experience, do not scrub the body and dirt, drink the right amount of lukewarm water, do not drink cold food and indirect contact with cold water, do not take a shower, dry the body with a towel. In recent years, sweat steaming room, as a new way of health preservation, has been gradually accepted by the public. Some fitness swimming pools will be equipped with 12 sweat steaming rooms for people who are in good health. Because the body has no talent to get rid of the state of sub-health, the lack of talent in the body can reduce fat, and sweat steaming can completely relax the body after exercise, relieve tension and reduce stress.

In addition, my mother should prepare more wet towels, such as when using the toilet or when it is inconvenient to wash her hands. However, if you are going to breast-feed your baby, it is recommended to use a towel dipped in warm water.

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