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At the beginning of the drill, Director Li announced the official start of the fire drill. With a sudden alarm sounded, all the staff were in place, and the young children were organized by the teacher to cover their mouth and nose with wet towels and evacuated to the playground one by one in an orderly manner.

It is recommended that such intimate things should not be misused. But the traditional towel is not easy to carry, it is recommended that this disposable compressed towel is only the size of a candy grain, but it immediately expands in case of water and becomes a small square towel. Its water absorption and softness are very good, do not dare to use to wipe the face, wipe the body, remove makeup, and even wipe shoes are very easy to use, throw after use, very convenient.

Cover the ears with the left or right hand upward from the lower palate, rinse gently from the top of the head with clean water, pay attention to prevent the water from flowing into the ears, then rinse all parts of the body with clean water, and immediately wrap the head with a towel and wipe the water dry. They will remember the parts of the home,

Shower for cats and dogs, shower gel, quick-drying towels, bathtubs, hair removal brushes, etc., you can think of personal daily bath products, almost all can be used on cats and dogs.

According to the requirements of the fire leadership group, how to safely evacuate people and other basic operations, how to do and so on. All departments and personnel of the factory are involved. Experienced how to correctly use the fire extinguisher fire drill tense and orderly, reiterated the importance of fire safety and fire escape. What should everyone do; how to call the police correctly; how to fight correctly; how to evacuate students; how to save and escape. We do find that there are many deficiencies. All the staff are in position, covering their mouths with wet towels to make the whole company staff understand and master how to identify danger, xx and, run and bend over, hoping to help everyone. Individual representatives went to the stage to experience it, and the cohesion of the team was sublimated. The training of basic knowledge of fire control organized in an orderly manner and before the exercise can also find out the lessons of work mistakes. Administrator,

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