the water, and then put the towel s into the scrub,

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In this exercise, smoke bombs were used to simulate the smoke at the fire scene. Under the guidance of the instructor, each evacuee was equipped with a water-soaked towel. Everyone covered their mouths and noses and quickly evacuated to a safe area along the right side of the wall edge.

Towels yellowing may be usually stains for washing, with the accumulation of time, will turn yellow, this can add a little liquid in the water, and then put the towels into the scrub, wash and dry.

After the private message was sent, Christina waited for two hours and did not wait for a reply from her ex-husband. She decided to put her ideas into action. First she came to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with water. He went back to the bedroom and found three different sleeping pills from the nightstand and mixed them together. Grind it into powder in the kitchen, pour it into a sweet cocktail and shake it well and feed it to your five children. When the child was in a trance and half asleep, Cristina carried the children one by one into the bathroom, three drowned in the bathtub and the other two drowned with towels. Then she wrapped the dead child in a bath towel, carried it back to bed, and faked the illusion of burglary. What is shocking is that Marcel, the eldest son of 11, has been with his mother and witnessed the whole process, with the handprints of the 8-year-old struggling on the bathroom window.

In the daily lamb care, one of the key tasks is to carry out hygiene management. The main process is: clean the body for the newborn lamb, pay attention to whether there are secretions around the eyes, use warm and hygienic towels to erase the secretions, act gently, and should focus on the excretion of lamb meconium, after excretion, do a good job of cleaning up. At the same time, we should pay attention to the problem of environmental hygiene. due to the lack of ventilation, if the indoor cleaning work is not in place, it will easily lead to an unpleasant smell in the sheep house and lead to a large number of bacterial pollutants hidden in the environment. and then lead to the disease of the lamb.

the water, and then put the towel s into the scrub,

There are many infected people in the square cabin who are migrant workers in Shanghai. Before entering the cabin, they will receive a free gift bag containing toilet water, towels, pots, slippers, goggles, earplugs, luncheon meat, teacups and so on. After arriving here, most people can understand and cooperate with their work, but there are also some patients who are dissatisfied. Especially at the beginning, when supplies are not available in a short period of time, food and accommodation can not meet the requirements of some patients.

One person serves rice for children, one person serves dishes for children, one person sends spoons, others pay attention to the behavior of young children and remind them to keep quiet. The food should not be poured on the rice-no covered rice, no soup on the rice-do not eat soup bubble rice; only the children who have finished the meal can serve soup, when serving soup for young children, it should not be delivered from the top of the head, but from the side. Children who have finished eating rice, vegetables and soup will pick up the rice grains on the table, on the floor and on their bodies, and send an empty bowl to the basket, one for gargling, and then wipe their mouths with mouth towels to keep themselves clean and tidy.

In the case of poor ventilation, there is no way to spread the smell and bacteria in the bathroom, so it will fall on our towels and breed some bacteria and viruses.

Clean the face, heat up the nose with a towel for 5 minutes and let the pores open. Use the nose patch for 15 minutes, and then gently tear off the nose patch from the bottom up, so that the blackhead will be clean. Clean nose and use repair water emulsion to shrink pores.

The dressing room is equipped with drinking water, a full set of towels and slippers. No longer need to swim and pack a lot of things, the swimming experience here is just a word “great”.

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