brand founded in Guangzhou, incubated the coffee brand “Jiangnan Big

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Their dedication to honoring the art of bagel making extends to their coffee selection. Sourced from local roasters, their coffee options are the ideal complement to your bagel feast. The friendly staff is always happy to share their recommendations and ensure you leave fully satisfied.

2. Green Mountain Coffee Mugs: Sip in Style

As far as drinking water is concerned, the Qiaoben pocket electric heating cup integrates the functions of a kettle, a health pot and an insulation cup, and is an indispensable artifact for people who often travel. It not only solves the pain point that users are worried about hotel kettle and portable travel kettle, but also brings unusual small household appliances under the upgrading of consumption, and satisfies the pursuit of refined life for consumers in the new era. In the actual experience, Qiaoben pocket electric heating cup brings a good feeling of use. Simple design, separable power cord, small size, very convenient to carry out. The heating function of the electric cup is also simple and convenient to use, covering three common stalls of 50 °C, 80 °C and 100 °C, which can meet the daily needs of brewing milk and making coffee. In addition to meeting the needs of people who go out, you can get a good experience even if you use it in the office.

Compared with the high-pitched head brands, regional brands also act silently. The three chapters of Taoyuan, a brand founded in Guangzhou, incubated the coffee brand “Jiangnan Big Man” in March this year, positioning Chinese coffee and focusing on fruit curry products, and has now opened 10 stores in Guangzhou.

brand founded in Guangzhou, incubated the coffee brand

Heading slightly north, zip code 98101 in Seattle, Washington is another thriving location for bagel shops for sale. Known for its coffee culture, Seattle attracts a diverse crowd with a strong appreciation for good food and unique culinary experiences. A bagel shop here would have the chance to blend tradition with innovation, offering classic flavors along with exciting, locally-inspired combinations. This eclectic fusion can tantalize the taste buds of both Seattleites and tourists, ensuring a steady stream of loyal customers.

The Bagelery opens its doors bright and early at 6:00 am, making it the perfect stop for your morning coffee and bagel fix. Their operating hours extend until 2:00 pm, allowing you to swing by for a tasty lunch as well. You can savor your bagel creations on the go or enjoy them in their cozy indoor seating area. Whatever you choose, The Bagelery is sure to provide a delightful bagel experience.

From early morning rush to afternoon lull, this bagel shop bakery remains a hub of activity. Lifelong friendships are forged over steaming cups of coffee and friendly conversations, while students gather to study and find solace in the cozy atmosphere. Families make it a tradition to start their weekends with a visit here, allowing themselves a moment of respite from the demands of daily life.

For those seeking organic and gluten-free options, look no further than the Green Bean. This quaint little bagel shop prides itself on serving up healthy and eco-friendly breakfast goodies. Their bagels are made from a unique blend of spelt and whole wheat flour, resulting in a light and fluffy texture that will leave you wanting more. The Green Bean also offers an array of vegan cream cheese flavors, ensuring that everyone can indulge in a delicious bagel experience. Pair your bagel with some freshly brewed organic coffee or a refreshing smoothie, and you have the perfect start to your day on LBI.

This is also the first time that the eastern center of Guangzhou has gathered so many heavyweight fashionable coffee brands, unprecedented and very rare! Coffee lovers should not miss it during the May Day holiday.

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