hot compress: you can use the towel hot compress at

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“take a potion!” Yang Guang took the wet towel, wiped the sweat on his forehead and hands, and said again, “in the afternoon, that is, after lunch, the king is not going to train in the mansion. The king is going to train outside. You first prepare what you need.”

Windows are often opened and ventilated at home. Family members do not share towels, keep furniture and tableware clean, and dry clothes and quilts frequently. Implement the separate meal system and use tablespoons of chopsticks. Strengthen nutrition, scientific diet, appropriate exercise, ensure sleep, maintain a good state of mind, improve body immunity, do a good job of COVID-19 and influenza dual prevention and control. Keep a distance of more than one meter from others in public places, shorten the time of queuing and shopping, and try to use non-contact payment methods such as scanning code payment. Do not spit everywhere, oral and nasal secretions are wrapped in paper towels and discarded in dustbins with covers.

one? Towels, quilts, cloths and other articles used by customers should be “one customer for one disinfection”, timely cleaning, disinfection, classified storage, and make a good record of disinfection, and advocate bringing personal belongings.

B when the hair is knotted or curled up, please do not pull or comb it hard, steam it with steam (if no steam machine is available, hot towels, etc.) and then comb it slowly and carefully. A when combing your hair, comb it slowly and gently from the bottom of the hair to the top of the head (curly hair dynamic rehair, please do not use a comb, it is recommended to comb it by hand). Be careful.

hot compress: you can use the towel hot compress at

Shower room in addition to the use of ordinary toilet layout, such as dry-wet separation combination layout and independent wash table, the wash table can be isolated separately, so that the bathroom dry area does not enter water. If there are no windows above the toilet, you can install shelves and partitions here, put clothes when taking a bath, and usually put towels and paper towels.

Use old clothes and towels cut into bits and pieces to sew into small sofas and pillows; use waste paper to fold into small boxes, beds, small books, pianos, and then use small stickers to paste the appearance; use express boxes and stickers to make them on tables and stairs; use broken toys to remove light bulbs, wires and batteries to form small light bulbs; waste items can also sparkle, this is the sweet little home in my dream.

Towel hot compress: you can use the towel hot compress at home to promote the blood circulation of the eyes. The family is the place where children grow up. Parents can start

Not only is the XXL Black Plastic Shopping Bag practical for grocery shopping, but it also has countless other applications. For travelers, this bag can act as a reliable duffel bag for those last-minute getaways. Its versatile nature means it can store clothes, toiletries, and any other necessities while on the go. Its large size also makes it a suitable companion for picnics or beach outings, accommodating everything from food and beverages to towels and extra clothes.

Domestic super big brand-Jielia, Chinese ecological protection towels, Xinjiang long-staple cotton, soft and comfortable, easy to twist, cartoon lovely, a variety of multi-color combinations, let the baby fall in love with face washing, healthy life!

hot compress: you can use the towel hot compress at

When they go to primary school, parents scramble to carry their schoolbags; when they do their homework, parents accompany their children to do it one by one; in the morning, in order to let their children sleep for an extra minute or two, parents will wet the towels and squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush.

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