a haircut coat or scarf or towel on your child

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Put a haircut coat or scarf or towel on your child before cutting your hair to avoid falling into the collar and causing discomfort to your child. If the clothes are stained with broken hair, it is not easy to remove. If you put it into the washing machine to wash with other clothes, it will also make other clothes stained with broken hair, which will feel itchy on the body. If the weather is warmer, of course, children can also shave in the bathroom without clothes.

Wipe away most of the moisture with a dry towel and remember not to rub it, as friction is harmful to the hair. The hair is combed smoothly and then smeared with essence, about 10cm away from the hair until it is completely dry with a blower.

The second time is much smoother, after the lampblack machine is removed and decomposed, first spray the kitchen cleaning agent on each part, stop for about 20 minutes, wipe it with a brush and wipe it off with a cloth, twice. Wipe the mesh twice with a fine steel brush and wipe it twice with detergent. For example, when the meal is ready, I take a minute or two to wipe it with a hot towel while the stove and range hood are in a warm state. It is easier to clean and clean while it is hot than after cooling. In this way, every time when cooking, the whole kitchen will be surrounded by lampblack, after cooking, the whole person will be smoky, smelly, really uncomfortable. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation and ensure the smooth operation of the range hood, we should learn the method of quickly cleaning the range hood.

1. Do more in the family environment: lift heavier things, grab things from adults, pull heavier things, twist towels, open drawers, grab sleeves, carry water in washbasins, move stools for children with weak hands, etc.

The concept behind these handy bags is surprisingly simple. You begin by filling the bag with your clothing items, whether they are shirts, pants, dresses, or even towels. Once the bag is packed, you simply roll or press the air out of the bag, forcing it to compress the contents within. The end result is a tightly packed bag of clothing that takes up significantly less space than before.

3. Before opening milk, wipe the breasts and nipples with warm towels, clean and massage the breasts properly to let the baby suck. Families with conditions can also ask experienced sisters-in-law or lactators to assist in opening the milk.

a haircut coat or scarf or towel on your child

(5) Bath towels and slippers: Bath towels and slippers are necessary for swimmers. After swimming or landing after swimming, dry your body with a towel, put on bath towels and slippers, which can not only keep warm, prevent colds, but also be more hygienic.

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