there is something wrong with the towel she uses. Towels

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For girls, facial skin has always been the top priority of maintenance, but many girls often use a lot of expensive skin care products, but there are still a variety of skin problems on the face. The reason is that there is something wrong with the towel she uses. Towels hung in the bathroom for a long time will breed a variety of bacteria and odors because of cold and damp. And these bacteria are the root cause of skin problems in girls. At this time, if you can kindly give her an Avatar electric towel rack. In that case, the problems that haunt her will be easily solved. Effenda electric towel rack can reach a constant temperature of 50 ┬░in 30 minutes, while drying towels quickly, it can effectively kill bacteria and fungi on towels through low temperature sterilization, and completely eradicate the hidden dangers that towels may bring to the skin. Bacteria invisible to the naked eye can be wiped out. Provide your girlfriend with reassuring health protection to get rid of bacteria, mold and mites.

In order to prevent conjunctivitis, it should be advocated to wash hands frequently, do not share towels, do not wipe eyes with hands, sleeves and dirty handkerchiefs; for those suffering from infectious conjunctivitis, the washbasins and towels used should be separated from others, and should be boiled and disinfected; for those who are windy, dusty, smoky, hot and other irritants in the working and living environment, they should strengthen protection such as wearing glasses while improving the environment; wear waterproof glasses when swimming, and it is best to bring bath utensils when taking a bath. The patients with conjunctivitis should be treated in isolation, mainly local eye drops, commonly used various antibiotics and sulfonamide eye drops, antibiotic eye ointment before going to bed, and non-irritant irrigators that can be used to secrete more, such as normal saline, and boric acid water, etc. rinse the conjunctival sac to clear the eyes. But do not cover and hot compress affected eyes, can be cold compress; for severe conjunctivitis can be systemic application of antibiotics, etc.; in addition, we should also pay attention to unobstructed stool, local medication, careful use or no use of hormones.

there is something wrong with the towel she uses. Towels

The alarm sounded, the evacuation guide was quickly in place, and the teachers of each class organized the children to cover their mouth and nose with wet towels and bend down and evacuate quietly and quickly according to the evacuation route. In the process of escape, the teacher guided the children without crowding, panic and shoving, and all the teachers and children were evacuated to a safe area within a minute and a half, and the whole exercise was carried out in a tense and orderly manner. After evacuating to a safe place, the teachers of each class count the number of people and report the situation to the evacuation commander in turn.

This is also a product that has been promoted online recently. Is the electric towel rack practical? I will say a disadvantage: some electric towel rack temperature control is not good, towel rack temperature is relatively hot, accidentally encounter will be hot. You can lose all the experience if you get burned once.

(1) wash the face with clean water within 1-7 days after the fruit acid rejuvenation, only use clean water to wash the face every day, use a relatively clean dry towel to dry the face, never vigorously touch the face, because the skin layer of the face is very untouched, vigorously touch the face so that the skin layer of the face is damaged, so the action of cleaning the face after fruit acid rejuvenation must be gentle.

there is something wrong with the towel she uses. Towels

After each shower, dry your skin with a soft towel and apply moisturizer. Erythroderma patients had better not take a bath too many times, keep once a week, the water temperature should not be too high.

Teach children not to rub their eyes with dirty hands to avoid eye pathogen infection; correctly guide children to look up and look away for a while after watching the electronic screen for 20 minutes, and watch the electronic screen for no more than 15 minutes at a time during non-study time; eye dryness and fatigue caused by watching the electronic screen for a long time can be alleviated by eye exercises, eye closure, overlooking, wet compress with hot towels, eye drops, etc.

Vinegar is sour and can soften these substances. the main reason why we are not allowed to add more is that vinegar is also corrosive. If you add too much, it is not a clean towel, but it will make the towel not strong, easy to lose hair, drop a little, and then soak the towel. After soaking for about two hours, rub and wash it in water, then squeeze out the water inside, and continue to wash it with clean water twice. The towel will be much softer.

there is something wrong with the towel she uses. Towels

Process overload is usually caused by poor communication between employees and departments during the transfer of work. For example, a project survey conducted by a hospital found that an employee spent three hours a day folding washed towels, but did not know that the nurse upstairs would immediately unfold and flatten the folded towels. As a result, this wasteful folding step was stopped.

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