his head with cold and wet towel s to help cool

It is very difficult for mentally handicapped young people to accomplish one thing on their own, so Xu Qin asked his students to cooperate with each other. The students scrubbed the car in different positions, different color towels corresponding to different parts, blue body cleaning, purple door frame cleaning, red glass cleaning. When all the towels on the wall are used up, the car will be washed clean.

Quilt items will be provided by our school, freshmen can choose whether they need to buy the bedding bag provided by the school when paying the fee, the items are generally: quilt, pillow, pillow, mosquito basin, mosquito net, cool mat, thermos bottle towels are about these, and so your admission notice will also write down the specific items and price (about 500+rmb), which is more convenient The hostel aunt will put the bedding bag in your wardrobe and lock it with a lock, so as not to carry a large bag to avoid tiring to the death.

“heatstroke does great damage to the human body. Therefore, when working in summer or high temperature environment, we must pay attention to ventilation and cooling. ” Jiang Nan said that people who encounter heatstroke should immediately carry them to a cool place, untie their clothes, wipe their bodies with cold water, and apply them to his head with cold and wet towels to help cool down. If you look pale and unconscious, you should be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to this, maybe you should also pay attention to the towels you usually wash your face. Because in fact, towels often come into contact with your face, and there will be a lot of bacteria and dirt left over a long time, and these things may not be washed clean through clean water; sometimes you need to change the towels you use to wash your face regularly, or disinfect some towels, so that it will not easily cause bacteria to invade your face, causing your face to get dirtier as you “wash” it. With regard to disinfection, you can choose to soak the towel in boiling water, or boil the towel to disinfect it, which can completely kill bacteria.

It is really a sigh that the tragedy occurred just because parents did not pack diapers. In fact, parents should try their best to take good care of their children whenever and wherever they are. If burns occur unfortunately, you should cut off the clothes as soon as possible, do not tear the clothes to cause wound damage, and quickly rinse the scalded area with cold water, generally about 10 minutes, look for clean towel packages and send them to the specialist hospital for medical treatment.

his head with cold and wet towel s to help cool

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