instead of paper towel s for themselves and their children,

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Food is an important part of picnic preparation, and it is also the most likely to produce garbage. Making your own food at home can avoid the production of extra bags, such as making sandwiches and small rice balls, which is very suitable for picnics; fresh fruit is washed in advance and brought in a household bento box; tea is soaked in advance and packed in a travel thermos. Most parks have tap water and bring two small handkerchiefs instead of paper towels for themselves and their children, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Heat dissipation, warm towel wiping the body can not only replenish water but also dissipate heat, if it is necessary to send to the hospital, then in the hospital process, must not be wrapped like a zongzi, airtight, lest the baby blow more serious. The baby is already in the case of fever, the most important task is to dissipate heat, the package is too tight will be counterproductive.

After dinner, I went straight to the nearby beach to play in the water. The child prepared swimsuits, towels and so on in advance to make it easier to get wet and changed. There are really a lot of people on the beach, and this beach is very long. For fear of damaging the camera, all the photos on the beach are taken only with mobile phones.

[travel essentials]: waterproof bags, quick-drying pants, replacement of dry clothes, followers / drifting bags / lifejackets and other auxiliary swimming equipment, waterproof equipment for electronic products (such as mobile phone waterproof bags, camera waterproof bags, etc.), hard-soled sports shoes (wettable), sun and rain protection, please bring your own garbage bags (take care of the car and the natural environment Take your own garbage with you), sunglasses, outdoor hats, towels, lighting tools, etc.

And then the second bedroom. No one lives in the second bedroom at home, so it is easier to clean. The main thing is to gather the learning materials on the study desk, then sort out all kinds of stationery and check the margin of the pen refill, so that you can be prepared before learning. In the wardrobe of the second bedroom, there are out-of-season clothes, unused sheets, quilts, their own bags, as well as some sundries, such as rolls, paper, washcloth, towels, and some items that are temporarily unused. Because these things are put in the cabinet, it does not affect the cleanliness of the house, things are placed in layers, and it is easier to find them when looking for them.

In the friends who have laid wallpaper, some people may find that the edge of their wallpaper has been warped or blistered after laying it for a period of time, so they judge that the wallpaper is not good. In fact, the reason for the wallpaper falling off is also related to the construction technology, and another is the construction environment in which the wallpaper was laid at that time, for example, the wall waterproofing work was not done well, which led to water seepage on the wall surface, resulting in the wallpaper falling off. it may also have something to do with the construction technology, or it may not wait until the next step. In order to decorate the new home, we choose wallpaper in addition to good decoration, but also hope to be able to decorate good maintenance, then for wallpaper, PVC wallpaper is because of different materials, PVC wallpaper is more resistant to scrub, but also hope to decorate. Compared with nonwovens and wallpaper made of natural materials, it takes some effort to maintain. Be sure to clean it with a dry towel or feather duster, and never use anything damp.

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