this rack also has its own towel pole, hanging a

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Careful readers will notice that pure cotton towels are washed at high temperature for regular sterilization, but after repeated washing, not only the softness of the hair becomes worse, but also some damage occurs. The former is due to the gradual decrease in softener content, while the latter may be due to “active” brittleness. Pure cotton products are often dyed with reactive dyes, and the strength decreases after high temperature washing environment. It will inevitably cause the towel to lose hair or break.

1. From welcoming guests-giving up seats to guests-spreading mouth cloth, removing chopsticks covers, handing out towels, asking for tea, ordering vegetables, asking for drinks, pouring water-serving dishes-table service (changing plates, ashtrays, towels, serving fruit, taking sauces, loading white rice) checkout-seeing off guests-turning the stage and clearing the stage– the end. Although the above service procedures have been learned in the course and can be encountered every day at work, the needs of each guest are different, and it is not so easy to give personalized service to guests. Through the internship, I think that only on the premise of mastering the basic service procedures as a whole can we provide customers with quality service in detail.

Intelligently, this product supports remote operation through the mobile phone APP. After drying for an hour or two, the towel rack can be remotely controlled and closed. When you are about to enter the bathroom to take a bath, you can also open the towel rack remotely in advance to create a warm environment for the bathroom. If you do not use the mobile phone APP, it is also very convenient to operate through the LCD panel. The temperature can be adjusted stably in a wide range of 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, and the timing of 2-8 hours is supported. All kinds of requirements that may be used in the towel rack are taken into account.

this rack also has its own towel pole, hanging a

Before the exercise, the teachers of each class carried out fire safety education for young children to let them know the necessary safety knowledge. At 03:20 in the afternoon, the toddler was playing a regional game, “Woo-woo.” With a tight siren, the drill officially began. Under the leadership of the teacher, the young children covered their mouth and nose with wet towels and quickly and orderly evacuated to the safe place of the playground along the fire escape route. Then, the teacher counted the number of children in the class in time and reported to the commander-in-chief of the exercise to ensure that all personnel were evacuated safely. Finally, under the guidance of the security guard, children learn to use fire extinguishers to put out the fire.

During the exercise, the hostel teacher quickly sounded the fire alarm, reported the fire rescue, and at the same time entered the student dormitory to wake up the students, organized the students to wet the towels with water, covered their mouths and noses and evacuated quickly.

The teachers of each class guided the children to evacuate according to the evacuation route. under the command of the evacuation guides on each floor and the leadership of the teachers and caregivers of each class, the children each took wet towels, covered their mouths and noses, bent down, and held on to the railings of the stairs without making noise. one by one, they evacuated quickly. The freshmen of the small class participated in the fire safety escape drill for the first time in the third week of the park, and they were able to follow the command, do not cry, do not make trouble in the face of danger, and performed very well.

At this time, you can use this kind of non-punching shelf to collect toothbrushes, mouthwash cups, facial cleansers and other items, and make full use of the metope space on the hand washing table. The design without punching holes does not need to destroy the metope, and it is also very simple to install. And this rack also has its own towel pole, hanging a hand towel, it can be said to be very practical.

Liu Yang said that in case of a fire in the summer, children are advised to keep calm as far as possible, to call the police for help as soon as possible, and to explain the specific location of the fire, the burning substances and the danger at the scene; if there is heavy smoke and scorching sun, keep calm, quickly determine the dangerous place and safe place, and can think of a way to escape and evacuate the dangerous place as soon as possible. When escaping, run to the bright place or the open place outside, and run below the floor as far as possible. if the passage has been blocked by fireworks, you should leave with your back in the direction of fireworks and escape outdoors through facilities such as balcony, air window, rooftop, etc. When escaping through a route full of smoke, to prevent smoke poisoning and asphyxiation, you can evacuate by means of towels, masks and close to the ground. When passing through the fireworks blockade area, you should wear protective gear such as gas mask, helmet, flame retardant and thermal insulation clothing, or you can pour cold water on your head and body, or wrap your head and body with wet towels, wet quilts, wet blankets, etc., and then rush out.

this rack also has its own towel pole, hanging a

When the electric towel rack is working, the fuselage heats up quickly, and then keeps the temperature constant, and the air in the small space of the bathroom will also heat up, which can not only inhibit bacteria, but also play a role in heating, effectively killing nearly 99% of bacteria.

Immediately after swimming, wipe off the scale with a soft dry towel, drop chloromyces or boric acid eye drops, and blow out nasal secretions. If there is water in the ear, “same side jump” can be used to discharge the water.

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