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After the dirty towels are cleaned with lotion and soaked in warm water, they can be put into the microwave oven for disinfection, but the temperature of the microwave oven is not too high. Generally, the moderate temperature can eliminate the dirt and bacteria in the towels for about a minute or two.

Some people say that the quality of life is far away from the public, but Jinman Life towel brand always believes that as long as it keeps doing a good job, it will eventually raise the quality to the highest, and as long as it keeps the same quality all the time, life will naturally become more quality, and happiness comes from the improvement of quality bit by bit.

5 minutes before lactation, hot compress the hard lump with a towel (slightly higher than the hand temperature), which can help the blood circulation, let the silted milk flow out smoothly, and let the baby eat more milk.

4. In order to make the repair ingredients better infiltrate into the hair, be sure to wrap the hair with a towel or shower cap and rest for 5-10 minutes. If the hair is seriously damaged, it is recommended to cover the towel with cling film.

Comb the hair well before shampoo to avoid knot breaking when washing; soak the hair thoroughly with warm water; squeeze the shampoo into the palm of the hand to knead the foam and then apply it to the hair; massage the scalp with your fingers to clean the oily horniness; wash off the foam with warm water and wash it a second time as appropriate (repeat the above steps); after rinsing clean, squeeze the water on the hair and apply the hair film after absorbing it with a dry towel. Stay for 15 minutes and then wash off; after washing, apply conditioner, stay 2cm, then wash off; (first hair film, then conditioner, first replenish hair with hair film, then close hair scales with conditioner to lock nutrition) after rinsing, press and absorb water with towel; when blowing hair to 80% dry, apply hair care essential oil to the end of hair, then blow dry ~

Do you dare to use the towels in the hotel? It is said that many people use this towel directly to wipe their feet. And it looks white and clean, and it is estimated that it has been used by tens of thousands of people. When this kind of second-hand towel is used, it is estimated that it will be afraid. It is better not to misuse things that come into direct contact with the skin.

The bag is definitely a careful machine for girls, it can be necessary to go out on the street every day, it can help us install mobile phones, keys, paper towels and other small items, more importantly, it can also help us concave styling!

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